Alright! Now that I have 50 posts, this may be a spot to check out a little more often. It lists my favorite posts (not that any of them are bad 🙂 ) that I have written. These are a bit longer and have a little more research thrown into them. This will be updated frequently, as long as I keep posting. So check back when you think you’ve read everything there is to read on my site. So start reading, the list starts below and is in order from oldest to newest.

Have the Steroid Crackdowns Cleaned Up Sports?

New Paparazzi Styles Leave Nowhere To Hide for Celebrities

What Makes A Movie Bad?

Most Hilarious Celebrity Kids Names

The Worst Movie Ever

Does Bringing In the Stars Guarantee Anything?

Obama’s Overseas Trip — Why Its Overhyped

What Has Happened To Hollywood?

Beverly Hills: Where The Tourists Empty Their Pockets 

Good Press, Bad Press

How to be a Professional Tourist

China’s In Trouble

The Truth About Our Media

One Response to “My Favorite Posts”

  1. Philip Elkus Says:


    I realize you’re a busy, very busy guy (school, tennis, skiing, music, etc, etc) but please keep up your blog. Your public is eagerly awaiting it. Thanks,


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