Culture Decoded is a political, but otherwise broad blog that I empty my mind on. I am a 13 year-old slightly liberal writer living in Los Angeles, California, and my work has been cited and published across the web. I am a full time blogger here so if you like my work, please come back frequently, as I will post new work daily. I greatly encourage comments and answer back to all credible ones. If you would like to contact me — I’m reachable at


37 Responses to “About Culture Decoded”

  1. Julien Says:

    Hey, awesome blog you’ve got here! Actually, you might say it’s kind of a versatile blog 😉 I mean you talk ’bout a lotta things, and that’s pretty cool. Keep up the good work!

  2. alittleclarity Says:

    Fantastic blog; really appreciate your perspective — and truthfully, am so heartened to read your insights on politics and science and your curiousity about the world. Though I can see why you’d be worried about the world (your comments on my blog) — reading *your* blog gives me hope. I’ll be a fan, and look forward to new posts.

  3. Fredd Says:

    It’s great to see ” a young ” person with so much curiosity for knowledge … I hope you’ll never stop, our Future needs people like you … always promote what your heart feels but transform the rage/hate into positive thoughts before to communicate with the others, that is, I think a good way for everyone to live (more) in peace.
    Cheers from France

  4. pacer521 Says:

    Hey — thanks for all the great compliments and for reading my blog, all of you. I’ll keep posting as long as people are reading.


  5. Great blog, I will come back often now that I know you discuss many of the samethings I do.

  6. Mridul Chadha Says:

    I really liked your blog Pacer521, although i’m interested in US politics i find it slightly boring as it’s bit complex but after going through your blog i think i have finally found a platform which would hopefully help me relate better to the US politics. Great blog. Thanks.

  7. Duni Says:

    Amazing blog. Keep up the good writing. I hope you encourage others in your age group to be as open-minded.

  8. pacer521 Says:

    Charles Sumpter,

    Thanks for the reads and great comments — great to have you here.

    Mridul Chadha,

    Thanks for the compliments as well — I try to write about the more interesting stuff about politics with a different angle, as you can see.


    Thanks for the compliments! I bet there are kids out there as open minded as me, but probably none weird enough to talk about politics. hehe

  9. sank63 Says:

    13? I had no idea. I would strongly encourage you to keep writing and tuning your skills, nothing has carried me further in my professional career, (I’m an old fart) that my ability to write. Sort of.

    Keep up the good work here.

  10. pacer521 Says:


    thanks for the advice, I plan to do that, and hopefully get another blog on a political site in the next few years. I figure if I start now, by the time I am 21, I’ll have some sort of blogging credentials….

    thanks for reading my blog

  11. expatforobama Says:


    Wow! You’re 13? Well, I responded before I read your mission statement. Actually I haven’t read that many of your entries either but I intend to check them out now. Keep up the good work! (-:

    ganbatte! (Japanese for do your best!)

  12. pacer521 Says:

    yeah, quite a lot of people tend to go ahead with their political attacks without knowing I am thirteen, but I guess that’s a good thing.

  13. culturepress Says:

    You’re the most brilliant 13-year old I’ve ever come across, and you’re just brilliant, period. Great job, and great blog.

  14. pacer521 Says:

    Thanks for the comment and compliments everyone!

  15. Vinayak Kohli Says:

    Thank you for your comment on my blog a while back. It is good to see someone tackling serious issues such as politics at such a young age. My knowledge of world politics is quite abysmal, which is shameful! Keep up the good work! Best wishes, Vinayak.

  16. endithinks Says:

    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I appreciate your thoughtful views.

  17. xpirate Says:

    Wow, 13 years old? I’m impressed. You have a great blog and an excellent talent. Definitely added you to my blogroll. If you like my blog, feel free to link back to me! Keep up the good work.

  18. pacer521 Says:

    thanks — no problem.

  19. aardvarkcola Says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog post on the debate. You left two simple words, “I disagree”. I checked the link to your post and couldn’t understand how your analysis was so naive- but well-written. I was puzzled by it. Now I discover you are thirteen years old.
    You are doing a very good job. I’m impressed. You have a grasp of this beyond your years and a very good writing style. Keep with it. You do have a talent.
    I must say, however, if this is the audience for blogs, I may stop writing them altogether.
    Again, keep up the good work.

  20. pacer521 Says:


    I guess if you want to call me naive that’s fine. I think that most people read and comment on my blog without knowing that I am thirteen, and I am fine with that. You can call them a bad audience, or call me one, but I am simply writing this from my sometimes partisan perspective. I encourage you to read my other work, maybe you won’t be as cranky about that.


  21. Excellent blog!You have a great perspective for thirteen. I have encouraged my kids to start read your posts.

    Devin Willis

  22. pacer521 Says:


    thanks for the compliments. You can’t really force a kid to read politics — trust me, a few months ago, I’d run away from CNN.

  23. cholegal Says:

    i finally get politics! thanks a lot dear. I’ll read as often as possible

  24. jlv0628 Says:

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog pacer. You have a great site here, I definitely will plug you on my site. Good luck with everything and I look forward to reading your stuff.


  25. David Lamb Says:

    You have a great blog pacer. I don’t know if you are planning to be a journalist at this point, but I thought I was ahead of the game, starting my blog at seventeen and writing for a hip-hop magazine while finishing up high school But you’re thirteen. Keep it up.

  26. Dyanne Says:

    You’re Thirteen?! For really real?? I had NO idea! Wow…you have a gift. Definately keep writing…about whatever, whenever…it is a wonderful thing.

    (Geez, I wish you could vote…and get my 20 year old daughter to listen to reason…)

  27. pacer521 Says:

    Dyanne and Cholegal,

    Thank you both for stopping by and leaving your great compliments. I really am baffled by the amount of response I have gotten from this.

  28. pacer521 Says:


    thank you for stopping by as well! Of course, I obviously have no problem with a blogroll — thank you!

  29. pacer521 Says:

    David Lamb,

    Thanks for coming and leaving a comment. I really don’t know at this point what interests me, whether it is politics or anything. I really haven’t been at this long enough to know if I would carry on with it later in life, but I can tell you this is very fun to hang around the web with political junkies.

    I clicked your link and I am really interested in your blog — especially jealous of your theme. If I could, I’d love to submit some of my writing.

    thanks for the comments everyone!

  30. lestro Says:

    13? seriously?
    keep it up, you’ve got something here…

  31. Thanks for the comment, Love your Blog! I added you to my blog roll because I think that people can learn something from your point of view.

  32. varneer Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my place, Pacer521. Best to you.

  33. IBé Says:

    I know everyone is saying, but 13? Damn! When my daughter is thirteen I hope she is as eloquent as you. GREAT job!!!!!!! I’ll defintely be back to read more. Keep it up!

  34. jiovanni Says:

    You know…I still can’t believe you are 13. I need the proof! lol Just kidding…sorta.

  35. Tim Staines Says:


    I’m wondering why a kid your age would just stop writing altogether after having been so active prior to the election. I’m also wondering why you apparently decided not to monetize your efforts.

  36. pacer521 Says:

    Tim, I’m sorry. I took a break from blogging until inauguration, but I am still monitoring comments. Sorry for that,


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