These are my favorite blogs that I enjoy reading. They are really interesting, and if you like my blog or not, check these out before you leave this site.

Involuntary Fury: This movie blog helps me out with some of my articles and it has some really good opinions and critiques about today’s movies. Fury is essential in my blog and I have a guest article with him here.

The Thought Refuse: HuxBux over at The Thought Refuse has been great in my blog and one of my top readers and commentators. He always leaves his opinions out there but is far from a troll — rather a huge help to my blog. A big thanks to him.

Matthew Yglesias: A brilliant foreign policy blog which is updated very frequently, run by Matthew Yglesias, in my opinion the most witty foreign policy guy you can find. If you like the blog, be sure to read his book.

Tech At 12 Years: A great blog from a tech wizard who really knows the game out there. Don’t be fooled, FaroZ01 is younger than me (which is a feat in the blogging world), but he really packs a punch. He has a growing, mac centered blog with a great insight for new technology. So check it out!

Dreaming In An Empty Room: This one is a blog I check up on a lot that touches on a range of things from Technology to Culture and has some really cool facts and posts.

The Science Fiction Channel + Technorium: This science fiction blog has some pretty interesting opinions that you don’t have to agree with to find interesting.

NBA Kingdom: A great blog that I just noticed on WordPress about the NBA that has some pretty cool ideas and perspectives that I don’t necessarily agree with, but a great blog none the less.

5 Responses to “My Favorite Blogs”

  1. Adam Says:

    Haha.. NBA Kingdom!!!

  2. pacer521 Says:

    Yeah, I am a pretty basketball obsessed — I am thirteen, what do you expect?

  3. oraphyrab Says:

    Nice site!


  4. Have been enjoying your site for a little while now and would love to exchange blogrolls at my political blog Part of The Queue.

    Have you read American Theocracy by Kevin Phillips? A great read about foreign policy and “blowback”.

    Hope all is well,


  5. Kevin Robles Says:

    I’m more of a baseball freak than a basketball freak. 🙂 Nonetheless, my team is the NY Knicks, so nothing to be proud of the past couple of years.


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