As a bit of an off-topic post: Today I heard something that I had heard in different contexts all my life, but never really brought out in a political light. In a Yom Kippur sermon, a rabbi pointed out to me something the all of us have (or are going to learn) the hard way — it is the human instinct to always be right. 

I know that we have all heard this before, but bare with me. The speech was mostly about the science of insisting on being correct to reduce sadness and stress, but as a political junkie rather than a health enthusiast, one point of the sermon clung on to me. 

The Rabbi pointed out this (not a direct quote):

This human knack is also translated in many ways than one….into politics. If you remember the famous Nixon/Kennedy debate, and visited a predominately Nixon-favoring apartment, the people living there would say: “look at this whooping we are giving Kennedy!” But if you went to a Kennedy supporting apartment, they would most likely say the opposite: “Look at this pounding we are handing Nixon!”

And although this would certainly not be rare in the present as well, the rabbi’s point was brought out completely in his last quote:

But the interesting thing here was is if you were in the far-right apartment building and Nixon [in the debate] stared straight at the camera and said, “I am a crook. I am not nearly qualified enough to become president compared to my opponent — and frankly, this was a stupid idea to run in the first place.” then the Nixon supporters in the apartment would most definitely roar in approval, saying: “Now there is an honest man fit for the job as commander and chief.”

 What the rabbi was getting at in my opinion was the fact  that all over the political spectrum there are people who  very intensely support their candidate.

 And although this is certainly not bad, (I wrote a while back  on this) some of these people are (this is just my opinion)  fixated on destroying the other candidate via the internet  and media. And this, in my opinion, can really derail them  as voters, and more importantly Americans.

 To support a candidate in this day and age is to support  someone that you truly believe can make an America that you want, not a congressman, senator, or frankly — another candidate’s America. But when a person rises above a certain passion for a candidate, many will instead turn to attacking the opposing party’s candidate.

And in doing this the really lose touch of their pick for president and become engrossed in a negative mindset of convincing other people that a candidate is not fit as president.

No, I am not having some sort of crisis or am trying out to be a guru, but my main point here is that these people, instead of using this incredible amount of energy on their candidate, choose to use it to attempt to persuade others into something that is truly their own choice.

If you want to get very deep into the subject, this can be traced to many other things involving religion, racism, and cults, but my meaning here is that equally, on both sides of the political spectrum, there is a very radical but still functional mental factor that continues to persuade large numbers of voters.

After searching on google for the best Star Wars fight ever (which by the way is the one at the end of Episode Six hands down), I ran across the strangest and most messed up thing ever to grace the top hits on Google — a youtube video that claims “Jedi” has become a religion. After watching it, I was completely amazed, but barely convinced — I wanted  to believe this was not true, but I had a strange lure towards it, (maybe the force has taken me over). So being the adventurous web surfer I was, I decided to find some credible proof beyond a youtube video. And, sadly I did.

Now I’m getting genuinely freaked out, as BBC news tells me its the 2nd most popular religion in New Zealand. (Maybe they signed all the sheep up…) Sooner or later I find myself staring at the homepage of and reading through it. They wrote that (and this is straight from the site) “there is one all- powerful force that binds all things in the universe together. The Jedi religion is something innate inside everone of us, the Jedi Church believes that our sense of morailty is innate.” 

After looking at numerous wikipedia articles, I came upon stats that claim are almost a hundred thousand of these followers in concentrated areas of Canada, Australia, the UK and New Zealand. Go figure… Maybe there is a Yoda…or better yet, another green midget that has more skills than Yoda, that lives on this planet, under the religion of Jedi. But for now, keep a firm hold of your light-sabers and space zappers and stay tuned…