Yes it is, but is it worth it? With all the new features including an actually good game (what a concept, Mr. Jobs) some of those cool things that you got when you “unlocked” (a nice way to say it) your old iPhone, you can now get with your new one. And, after every update, apple’s IT guys are making it harder and harder to hack the iPhone. I currently have 2 friends that have successfully hacked their old iPhones, but are a little scared to unlock their new ones in fear that apple will catch them in the act and not let them update! Now if  I was lucky enough to get an iPhone, would I take a shot at it? No. I (as well as my buddies) would be scared to not update it, or worse — have it crash on me. So if anyone has successfully hacked their new 3G and are reading this, please feel free to brag to me via the comment bar below. Thanks, and happy unlocking, tech bloggers.