On a little lighter note: A hilarious link passed on to me detailing people’s dreams about Sarah Palin —  A must see. Also remember to look at the comments.

You can read it here


There have been many bad choices made by Paris Hilton, but after John McCain’s ad blaming her for being a “celebrity” along with Barack Obama, her latest decision would be described a genius, or for a more “Paris” point of view – totally hot.

Appearing on a pool lounger in her signature skimpy swimsuit, Hilton’s response commercial was literately the perfect thing to do, a one minute speech covering everything from why John McCain was too old to be president to her hilarious energy proposal. Obviously the editing and script was written by someone with an IQ that’s over the age of my dog, but nether the less, I think it was brilliant for Paris to include herself in it. I applaud her for not taking a “Stars are Blind” approach and admitting her obsessive stardom while also making perfectly constructed remarks that completely awesome. The response ad in all was both brilliantly designed politically, but it could be followed and enjoyed by everyone watching it from a thirteen year old to a eighty year old.

As far as John McCain’s campaign, he needs a new head of advertising. He is repeatedly airing commercials that are not only incredibly cheesy, but are so vulnerable for both political and (as we have seen) celebrity backfires. He is getting sloppy, and everyone watching his ads can figure it out. Here is the ad