Here we are: spending hundred’s of billions in the Middle East. So what could we do with that money? For one we could buy Arnold Schwarzennegger a new Hummer. We could also colonize mars, and maybe even get my dog a new collar. She really needs one. But its seems we can’t drop a quarter into Sudan. I guess its just a waist of our time…

So exactly how little funding has Sudan gotten? Well, it looks like Washington is too busy pinching pennies than sending any money over to Africa. What’s my proof? African union troops are so poorly supplied in Darfur that they are reduced to wearing blue plastic bags over their heads to show that they are working for the UN. Seriously — how much does a helmet cost? Like ten bucks? 

That’s another thing we could of bought with our billions of cash spent in the middle east — trillions of helmets. I’ll leave it at that.