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April 12, 2009

Bluntly, there is no other way to express where I have been the past six months besides the words: “I screwed up.”

In a nutshell, I suddenly abandoned my healthy readership, and disappeared into my supposed alibi consisting of sad excuses of overloading homework and events. I took a break, fiddled with a possible, and ended up less than I started with. And although I understand that most likely some of you — my readers — may not read my work again, I want to apologize for my naive pause from blogging and come back just as I left Culture Deocded. 

An overwhelming amount of events have occurred in the political world as I have left, and I want to discuss them as soon as possible. A President Barack Obama has taken countless actions to bring the free world back to where it once was, some of which I disagree with and some of which I agree with. Iraq has remained a focal point in the middle east, and there is still question in the air over when american troops will really pull out. Somalian pirates have put a fixture in the previously quiet Gulf of Aden, and America is torn over what actions should be taken. The president has purchased a long awaited dog, and Vice President Biden has taken swings at Karl Rove, and the press is taking sides.

As far as the status of the blog, I encourage all of you visiting and returning to leave comments on what you think about the issue at hand. A successful blog is not just written by the author, but by its readers, and if you contribute, there will be very interesting conversations for a long time. 

So without further ado, I will continue where I left off, and work as hard as possible to initiate political discussions that will benefit everyone.

— pacer521

Let’s face it — technology today is flourishing and getting ourselves on the moon is becoming more and more of a reality in the near future. But there is something that I feel we are forgetting, and that is Antarctica. If we plan on really colonizing other planets and moons, we need to be able to deal with the hostile environment of our own south pole. Now-a-days, getting onto either pole is such an accomplishment you’ll end up on Larry King and probably on some 10 year-old’s lap with your picture in the Guinness Book of World Records. So, before we even think about getting a civilization on the moon, we need to make Antarctica easy enough to access that tourists could get a non stop flight from Cape Town or Santiago, Chile to the South Pole. We need to find a way we can walk around in tee-shirts as we look out at the penguins. We’ve got to put a McDonald’s, an airport, business buildings, homes, even a newspaper office in the south pole before NASA can lay one finger on another space shuttle (that will create enough carbon dioxide to melt Greenland). So before we can organize a trip to our moon, lets take complete control of our geological world and colonize Antarctica.