What Is Up With the Polls?

September 14, 2008

A well hidden Sarah Palin recently broke her hide-from-the-press tactic and agreed to her first interview with seemingly safe outlet ABC and their Charles Gibson.

The interview, in my (humble) opinion, came to me as Palin attempting to convince Gibson that she was ready, painfully reminiscent of that faithful day of having to sit down with my father and plead for him to take off my training wheels. But what more?

At seemingly the same time, the Obama camp released two consecutive attack ads (here and here), followed by the New York Times, who published three editorials in one day, all critical of Palin. And on top of that, liberal researchers dug out what looked like a gem from Alaska, putting together a factual claim that Palin governed Alaska from the center, far from her extremely-right political status today.

Then, nonetheless, the nationwide polls, which earlier this month flew up and down like the stock market, barely jerked to either side. 

So why? Why, with all these attacks from both sides, Palin’s interview, the New York Times, and both Presidential and Vice Presidential debates coming up, haven’t the polls moved? Certainly more independents have taken note of Palin’s weaknesses and strategy and shifted to Obama. And likewise, surely the Independents and Republicans have taken note of the “bitter” attacks from the left and gained more of a lead? 

Maybe they were paying too much attention to Ike.



5 Responses to “What Is Up With the Polls?”

  1. expatforobama Says:

    Pacer, I’m with you….what’s the deal? I have a couple of theories. One is our beloved country is finally forced into confronting the otherwise avoided question of racism. And perhaps the question is being placed to us in a way we weren’t prepared to answer. Yes, clearly the party of change in a land demanding change is the democratic. But at the top of the ticket is someone representative of more change than even some people who considered themselves tolerant of all races were prepared to make. But, I have faith that they will come around by November. I sympathize with white people. I really do. Black people have had to do what white people are doing for the first time ever since we fought for and achieved the right to vote: Vote for a candidate who doesn’t look,talk or come from anything vaguely familiar to us. Bill Clinton, with all the “1st black president” nonsense that was floating around thanks to one of my favorite writers Toni Morrison, was perhaps the closest, and playing the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall show didn’t hurt, but he was not black. and, so, we went with the lesser of two evils (for the sake of this reply- The Democratic Party) and more times than not were screwed in some way (Clinton with his Housing Reform and Welfare Reform) Anyway, I think it’s going to come down to the same thing with many of the white voters who are hesitant to commit. They are going to have to pick the lesser of two evils… The horror show that another 4 years of Republican rule augurs or the discomfort of voting for someone who is at least promising you something you agree will benefit you and your children in the long run.
    That’s theory number 1
    Theory number 2 is a bit on the dark side so i hesitate to say it now for fear of scaring you into thinking I’m one of those nuts flying around the Internet with conspiracy theories.
    Anyway, I hope I’m right about this one because if Obama loses because of the discomfort some whites feel with with casting their vote for a black man then we deserve McCain because we would have truly revealed ourselves to be the Conservative, cowardly, blustering, fraudulent, hypocritical, reactionary, exclusive country “FIRST” he and his lobbyist neo-con cronies are indeed qualified to lead.
    God Help Us

  2. pacer521 Says:


    A very interesting perspective that you brought up — something I forgot to mention. Hmmm…I can agree with you in the most part, as I do believe that there is totally still racism in this election, and there is no escaping it. And sadly, that will take votes away from Obama. But I still have a feeling that the public isn’t getting the message about the lies and tricks they right is throwing around, and the problem is a 13 year old kid like me isn’t going to help with it.

    thanks for the comment!

  3. count us out Says:

    PUMA for Palin Here.

    One: What IS the Bush Doctrine? http://tinyurl.com/Palin-TheBushDoctrine

    Two: ABC did some creative editing to make Palin look like a stupid, inexperienced warmonger. See for yourselves: http://tinyurl.com/AbcEditedPalinInterview

  4. Terrant Says:

    I think it is because McCain has resorted to the dirty politics of his predecessor (some maverick eh?) and the overall American populace eats it up. Also, the Gerrypublicans (aka PUMAs) are not helping one bit.

  5. pacer521 Says:

    yeah, I can see what you mean. The PUMAS really aren’t helping. I just accepted the “count us out” commet just to be ironic. hehe

    thanks for the comment

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