Opinion: Hugo Chávez’s Threat and How It Is Underestimated

September 12, 2008

Recently returned from South America, I checked up on a local news source that I visited in Argentina (I’d link but its all in Spanish), only to alarm myself with the news of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez and his threat to America via expelling our ambassador and threatening to shut off oil supply. As an average American, I took it seriously, but was very appalled by the fact that it was not even noticeable in the New York Times or on CNN. In my opinion, this is serious news that should put a halt to the elections, for at least a few hours if not for the day.


9 Responses to “Opinion: Hugo Chávez’s Threat and How It Is Underestimated”

  1. Gabe Says:

    Dear Sir
    Hugo Chavez has been under the microscope of Uncle Sam for quite some time now and as Strong man of Panama Noriega now a resident of Dade county Florida found out Uncle can reach out and touch someone
    As far as I have been following Mr Chavez career he has been involved directly or indirectly in all sorts of things that can get him a room in Dade county for years to come that is if his Cuban body guards don’t dispatch him first ( just like Allende )
    and my guess is that all this will surface to public knowledge just before the November elections
    But what do I know ?
    I’m just a simple mechanic with bad grammar

  2. I think the problem is that it’s hard what to make of Chavez. One day he’s calling Bush the devil and the next he’s threatening to cut off oil supplies, which would seemingly hurt Venezuela at the moment since OPEC has decided to decrease output as demand is waning. He says those things, but hasn’t done anything to give the impression he’ll act on them. He gives the impression of being a bit of a blowhard.

  3. pacer521 Says:

    Yeah, I can see what you mean. But the problem is no matter how unstable he may be, that doesn’t mean he might blow his top off and do something crazy — he after all is leading a pretty powerful country. The oil thing? Probably not…like you said, not very plausible.

  4. Adam Says:

    What do you want us to do? He is not a threat, and we can’t go to war with him because we will not have the support of either other countries or the American people. Let him yell all he wants, and who cares about his oil either.

  5. pacer521 Says:


    Your right, we can’t go to war with Venezuela. That would not work on any standards. But the oil is pretty important as well. I’m too young to drive, but I still wouldn’t really appreciate 10 dollar gas.

  6. I agree, Hugo Chavez’ threat is underestimated by the media and the public. It is an extremely serious and radical move for a country to expel an Ambassador. It is well beyond just huffing and puffing. It’s also rather unsettling that Chavez takes this diplomatically drastic step within days of Russian strategic bombers landing in Venezuela. Has anybody noticed the return of Cold War concerns since the Russians invaded Georgia? Now they’re in the Western Hemisphere.

    What should anger us, however, is Chavez’ expletive-laden insult to all Americans: “S— Americans, go to hell!” Nevermind he chose 9/11 to deliver his rhetoric.

    Venezuelan oil accounts for about a 1/4 of US imports, so it is a big deal. But that shouldn’t mean we let a two-bit thug like Chavez hold us hostage over it. We need to send a clear message: stop buying Venezuelan goods. Why not start with by boycotting Citgo which is 100% owned by the Venezuelan government?

  7. pacer521 Says:

    I see what you mean. Your right — it is pretty unsettling about Chavez. You really seem to be an expert on this — the Citgo thing is was pretty surprising to me — we should boycott.

    thanks for the comment and read!


  8. Phil Says:


    When it comes to foreign policy political leaders always making flaming remarks. IE “Axis of Evil” or “Wipe Israel off the map”. Foreign policy is 70% hype and rhetoric.

  9. SomeGuy Says:

    It is quite natural that Americans negate Chavez. But fortunately Chavez is one of many who hates Americans. It is okay for the Americans to invade countries and kills civilians but it is not okay if someone like Chavez raises his voice.

    The world needs a crazy to face another crazy.

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