Oil Corruption, Political Rumors and Ads on Both Sides — It’s All Change

September 10, 2008

As political talking points near to its grimmest stage in this election, and as breaking news of oil corruption surface along with internet and media rumors about Both Obama and Sarah Palin’s faith and position, one might assume from 4 years ago that the citizens of the US are defensive. Far from it.

Record numbers have tuned into media outlets, millions more have voted for the first time in the primaries than ever before, and everyone fifteen year old to eighty is online to tell us about it. And in this time of political backlash and attack ads, the US is alive with opinions and commentary from everyone including the average citizen to Matt Yglesias

There are comments everywhere on blogs providing opinions on the biggest rumors the web can offer, and writers are accepting and answering them. For once people now have a credible voice, whether its Russell Brand or me, Politico or CNN. It’s true that political swiftboats, sexism, racism, and blatant lies still exist, but there are people talking about them.

So what would we call this? It’s change. Republican or Democrat, left or right wing, Green or Libertarian, this is change, and there is no denying it. 

I think Barack Obama should be elected president, and there are people who think John McCain should be elected as well. And with fifty-five days to choose that, America’s got a heck of a lot more negotiating and arguing to do. But at least we are. At least someone pointed out the youtube videos of Sarah Palin speaking at her church and Jerimiah Wright blasting the US in his, and at least Bob Salsbury made his joke. 

So if there’s one thing we can all agree on, its that disagreeing with each other is what will get a better president in the oval office, it is what will fix our economy and debt — it is change, no matter how you look at it.

3 Responses to “Oil Corruption, Political Rumors and Ads on Both Sides — It’s All Change”

  1. lens1 Says:

    Change. You speak truth….

    I think I like it here.

  2. amolpatil2k Says:

    Let me present the main conspiracy NOISE. It should be fairly easy to provide a solution where multiple sources of information are processed and presented in such a way so as to increase the signal to noise ratio. Blogging has reduced the signal to noise ratio because anyone can create a website in a few minutes.

  3. pacer521 Says:


    Thanks for the compliments, I try to stay pretty non-biased here, but I am obviously liberal if you read my other work.


    Although that sounds amazing, it would obviously be hard to do. Any notes on how this would be carried out?

    About the blogging, that is mostly false as well. Anyone can create a website in a few minutes, but if this was stopped hundreds if not thousands of credible and not trashy bloggers would be blocked. I sure wouldn’t have a site if that were true.

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