Issue — McCain Campaign Hurt By Biden Comment (Or That’s What They Released To The Press)

September 9, 2008

Well, here’s my biased view of the day, so be warned.

Joe Biden made a comment at a campaign spot in Columbia, Missouri, supposively geared towards Sarah Palin and her five-year old daughter, reading: “I hear all this talk about how the Republicans are going to work in dealing with parents who have both the joy … and the difficulty of raising a child who has a developmental disability, who were born with a birth defect…Well, guess what, folks? If you care about it, why don’t you support stem cell research?”

This was followed harshly in a McCain statement: “Barack Obama’s running mate sunk to a new low today, launching an offensive debate over who cares more about special needs children. Playing politics with this issue is disturbing and indicative of a desperate campaign.”

To me, this is completely ridiculous on McCain’s part, mostly in releasing this kind of statement, but also in reacting in this kind of harsh way towards anything (supposedly) thrown at Palin. Calling Biden’s comments “disturbing” is very incorrect, whether his comments were about Palin or not. And although I am not an expert on stem cell research, nevertheless this kind of response to what seems like a very light attack on Palin — if an attack at all –is totally uncalled for.

Plus, the last time I checked, candidates can question each-other’s policies.

This also raises a greater point — it seems that the Republicans are sending running mate Sarah Palin into the press and at the Democrats in the form of an attack “Pitt Bull” who can throw out harsh attacks and lies, in such a relentless fashion. And now that she may have been attacked back, in a fraction of what Palin has thrown at the Democrats, the McCain campaign reacts in the form of: “What are you doing? This isn’t allowed!”

It doesn’t work like that. First off, Palin has made many skeptical remarks, changed her stance on many things including the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” remark, and most of all, attacked the Democrats’ policies as well as character in a very harsh way, and she must realize that just like she would do, the Democrats will make their case on why she is wrong. And because of this, she can’t react like she just found proof that Obama is a Muslim every time the left tries to tell the world that she may be wrong.

Secondly, you can’t just jump off the grid, already starting a press wildfire inside itself, and fire back this harshly whenever any form of point or questioning is geared towards you. It’s as simple as that.



16 Responses to “Issue — McCain Campaign Hurt By Biden Comment (Or That’s What They Released To The Press)”

  1. 1superdave Says:

    You have to stand for somethings or you’ll fall for anything. It may be fair to assume your veiws may be slightly slanted by your obvious suport for barach oboma. Just step back slightly and think about useing or mentioning sara’s baby who is handicaped , and then turn and say if she really cared about people with handicaps she’d favor stem cell research. So to you is it beter to just kill your handicaped unborn child or to harvest stem cell from other unborn children, in fact do they know if those child are all perfect or might some of them be handicapped? One has to have caracter before it can be attacked.

  2. pacer521 Says:


    first off, thank you for the fact that you are the first conservative (I am guessing that) to comment on my blog with an actual point or reason in objection. Its been pretty scarce.

    So ill get to the post. In my post, I never gave any support of killing unborn children. In fact, I never said one thing about it. I referred to the point that Biden made as far as just questioning a policy. I never said I agreed or disagreed with what he said, but I think that it’s stupid that the McCain camp is assuming that after Palin throws out these attacks, they are being answered.

    You also failed to mention the main point of this partisan post — that the ratio of attacks in this race is Palin 10, democrats 1, and still the right is so shocked that me make a point of this, even in the form of a simple policy questioning.

  3. lela Says:

    Sen. Biden makes an excellent point. I must come back to the bottom line of this issue. Sarah Palin had a choice. She made her choice, yet she is convinced it is her right to make that same choice for all women. This is selfish and arrogant.

  4. pacer521 Says:

    I must come back to the bottom line as well, and great comment. I think that what you said is really more of an issue than the stem cell herself.

    thanks for the comment,

  5. It’s a good strategy by McCain, to spin it as a below-the-belt personal attack. They need to do something to soften Palin’s image (the pit bull comparison is right on) and the easiest way to do that is create a perception that she’s being picked on for being a woman/mother.

  6. It is only a matter of time until McCain explodes, I expect it either this week or next.

  7. pacer521 Says:

    involuntary fury,

    Although it may be a good strategy, its pretty unfair if you ask me.

    David Worinca,

    hahaha….that’s funny. Unfortunately, if McCain does explode, the press will be too occupied with Sarah Palin to notice…

  8. Sure is unfair, but it’s all about getting elected. Everyone will forget the tactics after that.

  9. Kiraxia Says:

    Palin chose to run for political office, and therefore she should be put through the same process all the other candidates have to go through. If that means she gets comments on her policies then so be it. Her being a woman with a special needs child means jack ***t to me as I have several friends with special needs children and they don’t want anyone’s sympathy, they want answers and solutions. I think Biden is right on the money. If you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen, or are we allowed to even use that phrase anymore? Besides, Pit Bulls are supposed to be tough, right?

  10. pacer521 Says:

    involuntary fury,

    I agree with you. You run to win. And you win to lead.


    I agree with you most of the way. The sympathy really doesn’t help at all, and it seems to me that someone who just came out of nowhere like this and throws out all of these attacks should not freak out when some come back at her.

    thanks for the comments everybody!

  11. sol Says:

    Since you billed this in my comboxes as a response to what I wrote or at least with it in mind, I think I should make clear that I took Biden to task on policy and not on whether it was fair or nice to bring it up because Palin has a disabled child. I agree with you that any policy issue is fair game.

    It may play well in Peoria for Palin (or backfire for Biden) because some people may perceive it as a shot at her family. My point is that Biden was using logical fallacies and factual errors. It does not necessarily follow that people who care for the disabled will support stem cell research. It is a fact that McCain is in favour of embryonic stem cell research and Palin is not, so to suggest that her position is the policy being projected into the White House is a lie.

    To come back to what lela said, it is incorrect to impose a pro-choice paradigm on Palin. She is not “convinced it is her right to make that same choice for all women.” She is convinced that it is not a matter of choice, any more than pulling out a gun and shooting someone is a matter of choice. She is also not convinced it is her right to make that same choice for all women.

    Like other people who believe in representative government, she believes that elected legislators have the collective responsibility to determine who has the right to take which lives. States, through their elected respresentatives, for example, have the right to choose what constitutes manslaughter. Some legislators may disagree, but the majority imposes their choice on all women and men.

    So this is not “selfish and arrogant”. It is acting on her belief about when human life begins. You may not agree with it, but you shouldn’t mischaracterise it as an attempt to disadvantage a certain group.

  12. pacer521 Says:


    Sorry about that if you took it the wrong way, I just thought that writing a comment a few paragraphs long would be pretty stupid, so sorry if I drove traffic away from your blog, if that’s what concerned you.

    As far as your comment, thank you for telling me your whole thoughts on the subject, and I’ll answer back as best as I can.

    The point of my post was different from yours — you discussed the actual policy of stem cell research and I discussed how it was fine to question another candidate’s policy choice. This was mostly because I am not an expert on stem cells, and it seems you know more about that then me. But, anyways, you covered this in the first paragraph.

    Although I can see how some people may think it was a shot at her family, most would just see it as a political attack, much less something personal. The last sentence of the second paragraph is true — but it may have been “welcomed” differently by some of the more gullible Americans.

    As far as what Lela said, I thought what she was trying to get by was that Palin shouldn’t act this shocked to an attack like this after some of her own. I do disagree with the “convinced it is her right to make that same choice for all women” part. And in the rare case that she is convinced about that, then all American women will definitely have their own thoughts on this topic.

    The second to last paragraph has nothing to do about stem cells or my post, so I am not going to comment about it.

    Again, I think it IS “selfish and arrogant” for Palin to regard this kind of attack with so much surprise and visible pain when, in truth, she has just finished firing hundreds of rounds at the democrats. Her ORIGINAL comments are no question her right to say, and I was not regarding them as wrong. It wasn’t an attempt to disadvantage anyone, and my entire article was written in the context of AFTER JOE BIDEN’s comments, why she reacted wrong.

  13. Cassie Says:

    great post! i wholeheartedly agree with your views and think that the whole Republican strategy has boiled down to IOKIYAR – It’s OK If You Are A Republican. But the minute someone from the other side makes an attack – which to me, Biden’s comments were not only fair game but very valid – the Republicans try to spin it and say that the Democrats are “low” and need to “apologize.” What about all those VERY LOW comments Palin made in her speech about the greek columns, about reading people their rights – not to mention all the blatant lies. So it’s ok for the republicans to do all this below the belt crap, but when a Democrat alludes to policy issues, it’s off limits. interesting. and scary.

  14. pacer521 Says:


    thanks for the compliments! That’s mostly what I said in my biased post, and I agree with you.

  15. sol Says:

    I’m not worried about the traffic on my blog. The link back from CNN already shot my stats through the roof. 🙂

    When I said Biden’s comments were aimed at Sarah Palin, I didn’t mean to imply I thought they were a personal cheap shot. I meant I thought they were aimed at her speech and her view of stem cell research, ignoing that Biden and McCain actually hold the same view on embryonic stem cell research. In other words, he was in reality fighting a straw man and made a tactical blunder in doing so. Frankly, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the McCain camp response.

    I understoof lela’s comment entirely differently, since she uses standard pro-choice – or in this case specifically anti-pro-life (if you get my distinction) – lingo. This is what I understand her “bottom line of the issue” to be. She seems to be saying (though it would be nice if she would come back a clarify if not) that Palin chose to have her disabled child, but other mothers should be free to dispose of theirs. It follows that lela’s “selfish and arrogant” statement refers to Palin’s pro-life views that abortion should be restricted by legislation, rather than the current political attacks or debate.

  16. pacer521 Says:

    I see what you mean, thanks for the discussion

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