A Long Time Coming

September 7, 2008

While reading a July 9, 2007 Newsweek magazine, I noticed an interesting section that proves to be another reason you can’t worship mainstream media’s opinions — they are not very backed up, sometimes biased, and most likely wrong.

My case in point was a page-wide section detailing who would win the presidency, why and how. At the time, Hillary Clinton was the sure-shot winner, so evidentially she was projected to win office, beating every contender by over 15 points. But the interesting part to me was a description of both Obama and McCain, both not projected to win the nomination at all means (Obama was at the time even below John Edwards). 

A comparison showed Obama winning against McCain by 13 points, much different than the one percent margin claimed today.

Another funny note — NewsWeek ran a long feature article on Mike Bloomberg running for president, predicting he’d steal at least 10% of the votes from whichever party he chose to run in.


One Response to “A Long Time Coming”

  1. invisiblecamp Says:

    still, nothing is better than achievement points.
    *waiting for the blink*

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