Observation: The Power of Palin

September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin’s stage presence is not just (frankly) full of it, but rather a powerful force that transcends her image right before your eyes.

And as the second chapter in the saga of the Republican convention comes to a close, all anyone can talk about was what everyone originally thought was a mire introduction to the grand closing — John McCain’s speech. 

But it was instead the main figure of the entire convention, and the talking point on both the web and television, creating many side stories as well. Why? Palin’s speech was powerful. So powerful, in fact, that not only did it spark very heated initial reactions, but later provided so much aftershock that it seemed apparent to me to write about it.

Putting my strong political opinions aside, I must give Palin credit — that no matter how completely false and utter lies she used, it was hard (even for me) to shake of her speaking passion, mostly credited to how zoned in she was. And because of this, I know for a fact that many gullible Americans have fallen “victim” to her transcending speech, ignoring her factual mistakes and instead focusing intently on her valiant, confident speaking power.

And right now, no matter how many people (including me) stress the comparison between the top of each party’s ticket, because of her star power, Palin has gained the public centerpiece of not only the Republican party, but the image of politics in general. And, strangely, this is not because of the higher possibility of her being commander and chief in the near future, because — as my sister would say — John McCain is like a “dinosaur”, but rather because of her instant celebrity status and overall image that is so different. 

By different, I don’t mean because of her gender, but rather her breed. She is a new breed of politician, far away from your raging and shouting, sweaty middle aged point maker, but rather someone who we have not seen yet — a setting of mind that many teachers know to loathe. She uses her stature and newly-found political ego to her advantage, acting like she knows for a fact that each and every single thing she says is true, in the most convincing way I have ever seen this done among politicians. 

Simply put, she’s a giant black whole for your brain, in the form of a person who would most likely be the farthest away from that status — a small town governor of the second-least populated state in the US. 

So — as a word of caution, not a political recommendation –please vote on what you believe, not what you have been convinced to know.


11 Responses to “Observation: The Power of Palin”

  1. Patrick Henry Says:

    The Republican Party has been high-jacked by the religious right as McCain’s selection of Palin proves. I thought McCain might bring some sanity to back to the party but it turns out experience does count and he is following the George Bush/Carl Rove play book of appealing to the “Gun tottin, God fearin” mob with his choice of Sarah Palin. The least you can say for George Bush is that he picked Cheney, whatever you may think of him, he is no light weight. Another trait about McCain that makes me very uncomfortable is his quick shoot from the hip decision making process. His selection of Palin seems to be a perfect example of this. This seems very similar to George W. Bush’s decision making methodology which landed us in $3 Trillion and counting war without end. And I’m not a democrat. I voted for Bush the first go around. But McCain just doesn’t seem to have the necessary personality traits to be an effective executive. He lost my potential vote for good with his selection of Palin.

  2. pacer521 Says:

    Patrick Henry,

    Thank you for your very detailed comment, and I understand the points you make. As I’ve never been a republican, and I have generally disagreed many republican candidates (greatly including McCain).

    I greatly agree with the “gun trottin God fearn” mod point, I think that can also relate to her quick media status that will most definitely will fix out when the world stops looking at her and looks at her brain. Not that she isn’t smart, but it requires a type of person to be president, and that’s not her.

    I also agree with your point on McCain’s short choosing of Sarah Palin. Surely a candidate of his great status and reputation would choose wisely over a span of time, especially with an important pick like this.

    Again, thank you for taking your time to both read my work and write a detailed response.


  3. Eric Says:

    She’s got some major charisma, alright, but I can’t stand her. Her hateful convention speech was just a preview of what’s to come.

  4. pacer521 Says:


    It really was a very hateful speech. I think it was a good sign for her party that she isn’t shy, but that speech really was the last straw for me. Enough is enough.


  5. I love this piece. I just do not understand what has caused her to gain this starlike appeal to people. Is it a breath of fresh air from the Obama craziness, I do not know. I know one thing, I am no longer impressed with her after I heard her speak. The McCain camp needs to let this woman speak her mind. She will be the only saving grace that they have. However, if they continue to feed her their stuff, this ship will sink faster than it ever has.

  6. pacer521 Says:

    Charles Sumpter,

    Thanks for the compliments.

    So the question is “Is it a breath of fresh air?” Sadly, no. The woman is just soaking up too much press and PR right now. She has a pregnant daughter, 5 kids, no experience at all to lead the free world and she is throwing out lies into the field of press.

    But on an more important note, she is really sinking the ship because of her speech and then disappearance from the media. First off, she spoke a speech made by someone else that most likely didn’t reflect her or her mind (she’s not the living devil) and second of all, McCain is keeping her away from the press — canceling would-be interviews and not taking any shows.

    And because of this, the media, the bloggers, and the public have the right to ask these questions, because first off — she is a “heartbeat” away from being out president, and second off — she isn’t ANSWERING THEM.

    thanks for the comment,

  7. Sank Says:

    Thanks for stopping over. I like what you’re saying about a new breed of politician. My feeling is the Reuplicans had to do something to rally the Republican stormtroops who write the checks, organize the party and get out the vote. They’re a minority but they are the backbone, and they need something to get them onboard. She did that.
    Well written stuff.

  8. pacer521 Says:

    Thanks for reading the post. I see what you mean — the republican base is different — they have large amounts of power and all they need to show it is a speech like Palin gave.

  9. Kestrel Says:

    Thanks for the article!

    The power of Palin is definitely her obscurity. Sure, she seems homespun and all that, but the fact is nobody knew a darn thing about her until this week. Things are really starting to come out now! For a rolling summary of all the Palin news, go to: http://planetpalin.wordpress.com/

  10. pacer521 Says:

    No problem…

    I am actually working on a post about this “out of nowhere” tactic currently, it should be up by tomorrow. Thanks a lot!


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