Google Finally Gets Its Revenge on Microsoft

September 3, 2008

As search engine powerhouse Google recently released its own web browser, Chrome, marketing strategy crossed with the future of the web, compiling into a tech buzz comparable to the elections this year — change. 

And so sweet it is. Chrome not only offers breakthrough surfing features, but provides light at the end of the tunnel in terms of giving an easy and effective alternate browser to Microsoft’s Slow, Crash-Happy, and Ugly Internet Explorer, which currently occupies 75 percent of the World’s computers.

Also, by creating Chrome, Google finally gets it’s chance to get back at their enemy, Microsoft, which is intent on reducing traffic to Google’s search engine. (shown here when typing in “google chrome” to Microsoft’s own search). 

So what does this really mean for Google? Sadly, not much. Although all tech junkies will most certainly download and use their browser, corralling the millions of technically un-savvy Window’s users will be another task entirely.


8 Responses to “Google Finally Gets Its Revenge on Microsoft”

  1. Josh Says:

    I downloaded Chrome, and I like it so far, just takes some getting used to switching from Firefox (which will be hard to beat out!)

  2. pacer521 Says:

    I love firefox as well, although I use Safari more regularly. It is true, firefox is hard to replace.

    Thanks for the comment

  3. virgomonkey Says:

    I’ve tried Chrome too, and cannot tell which is faster yet. One thing, right off, I don’t like about Chrome is that it doesn’t give you the correct spelling of words when I’ve spelled them incorrectly. Ha. I’m lazy. 🙂

  4. pacer521 Says:

    yeah, I know what you mean — Safari is awesome with that.

  5. fishyTruth Says:

    don’t you get mad when you see someone still using IE???

  6. pacer521 Says:


    Of course I do. But usually the people using IE aren’t people I know, because I tend to know computer geeks and they all own macs or have tricked out PC’s. But to answer the question, if I saw someone using IE, I would point out that what they are using is an ugly, google-eating, crashing black hole.


  7. 1superdave Says:

    it is lonely at the top

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