Live Blogging and Analysis: McCain Chooses Sarah Palin as VP

August 29, 2008

The internet is alive with breaking news of John McCain’s running mate choice of Sarah Palin, which greatly surprises myself as well as pleasantly surprised many democratic bloggers. In their opinion, Palin is probably the best choice to pound on in a political way.

First off, Palin is the exact opposite of what McCain’s strengths are. She is a 44 year old Governor with barely any foreign policy experience, prides herself on being a reformer, and her main strengths are really managing. So with this, one might think of her to be a secretary or treasurer rather than a vice president. 

This also shocks me in a huge way. Palin’s rumored chances as running mate were rendered by me (as well as many others) as either a joke or a public stunt. McCain loves to tell Obama he isn’t ready to lead, but what if he was elected and — God forbid — anything happened to him because of his old age? Is Sarah Palin ready to lead?

In my opinion, no. I couldn’t imagine Palin leading, obviously not because she is a woman, but because she truly doesn’t have even close to enough experience. I am too worried that if something happens to an elected McCain, Palin wouldn’t be able to keep the country stable, and you can forget bringing the country back from its economic crisis. There is no doubt that she is an impressive person politically and socially, but I can’t help but be against her leading our country in these times.

So as McCain’s huge pep rally (where he appears with Palin for the first time ever) nears to a start in about 15 minutes, one might need to shake the man to his senses a bit, for his running mate is not only his opposite, but she is certainly not a future vice president, and NOT the commander in chief. 



8 Responses to “Live Blogging and Analysis: McCain Chooses Sarah Palin as VP”

  1. Abby Says:

    Wouldn’t you rather have the unexperienced person in the 2nd spot instead of in the 1st?

    She at least has executive experience, whereas Obama and Biden have 0 between the 2 of them.

    I think it was a smart choice, and she will really grab all those female undecided IMO.

  2. pacer521 Says:


    As governor of Alaska, there is no doubt that Palin is a smart and politically ripe person. Biden — actually — has over thirty years of experience as well. I just can’t imagine her as our commander in chief, and that’s an opinion that I have.


  3. I hadn’t heard much about her, but one of my coworkers had her fingers crossed for Palin. Her inexperience does give me pause, but I kind of feel that way about Obama, too. If nothing else, it should open a lot of new avenues for the campaign.

  4. pacer521 Says:

    I guess it does, but I still can’t get over the facts that McCain — who likes to accuse Obama of not being experienced enough to lead — picked a 2 year governor of Alaska at age 44 with no foreign policy experience. There just are many things wrong with her being that if something does happen to McCain that she will be leading the country — from a political standpoint.


  5. I totally agree that her inexperience makes an ascension to President truly concerning, but McCain really needed to do something splashy to grab some headlines. And in a campaign, perception (successful woman with a fresh outlook) almost always trumps reality (inexperience).

  6. pacer521 Says:

    good point. i just think McCain made a bad choice for the long term. He may get headlines this week — but after that?

  7. She probably isn’t the best choice for Vice President, but she might be the best for a running mate.

  8. Gina Says:

    WOW … What a great pick!!! America should elect
    McCain & Palin for the Whitehouse in November,
    for a return to wholesome American values.
    An experienced Governor for V.P. vs. a
    community organizer for President … I pick Palin.
    No Wright, no Farrakahn, no Ayers, no Rezko,
    no mean Michelle, NOBAMA

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