Live Blogging At The Democratic National Convention: Day 3

August 27, 2008

  • Bill Clinton delivered a very rewarding speech both to Obama and himself as well. He secured his politics with the public and also received a very welcome introduction and standing ovation by the crowd which forced him to quiet them down for what seemed like over five minutes. He successfully attacked the Republicans, and the crowd loved his remark: “The third time won’t be the charm.” A good note: this time Bill kept his speech short — anyone remember the 30+ minute 1988 DMC address?
  • Running mate Joe Biden accepted as the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, and introduced perfectly by his son, who jerked tears out of virtually all the delegates in the crowd. Biden himself delivered in my opinion the best speech so far, which really introduced himself to the public as well as giving a national TV look at his wife and mother, which the crowd fussed over as well. His speech also had less politics in it as I would have liked from him, but he really rode off of his son’s introduction and took that momentum and used it very well.
  • An interesting update — CNN tells us John McCain has officially picked his running mate, and he is to appear with him/her tomorrow night (August 28, 2008). A very interesting diversion from the convention itself.

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