Hillary Clinton and the Speech That Was Destined To Happen

August 27, 2008

At last night’s day two of the Democratic Convention, with millions of eyes watching, Senator Hillary Clinton delivered the speech destined to come — her complete and sincere backing of Barack Obama. Saving her from stealing die-hard delegates and once again making herself known as “running against” Obama, Clinton’s speech made it very bold and clear from the start that she was for Obama. 

But what really made the speech stand out was the fact that it went straight to the point. Clinton and her team knew her role and didn’t overshoot it, which proved my expectations wrong. She shot right to the point after a very short (and rather disappointing) introduction by her daughter with the repetition speech strategy that both she and Obama share, addressing the overall point of: “I speak to you as a mother, a senator, an American, and a supporter of Barack Obama.” 

The long awaited speech was both executed perfectly, but also added its own dose of fun as well (the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits remark) that even got Obama to laugh. So for what purpose did this speech really pose? It was a mere reminder of Obama’s Thursday speech that gets more important by the hour.


2 Responses to “Hillary Clinton and the Speech That Was Destined To Happen”

  1. Mridul Chadha Says:

    I really liked Hillary Clinton’s speech, not only she said the right things but also in a very impressive manner. It was great to see the way she backed Obama and the quality & content of her speech also reflected her great achievements during the campaign. Hers was one of the best speeches at the convention.

  2. pacer521 Says:

    very true, mridul. And really what did that was her being simple. One of the things that makes American politics boring (I feel it too regarding to your “about” comment) is that speakers get really carried away in their talks and never really get to the point. Sometimes you may call this a dodge trick that they use to get away from the question but most of the time the speech isn’t as effective as it can be because it is long. Obama’s speech last night was effectively long — people were very excited and ready for a long speech.

    thanks for the comments, get newsvine accound as well


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