Thoughts On the Democratic Convention

August 25, 2008

The first day of the Democratic National Convention, even without Barack Obama, was a very successful one. Though many suggested it was just a warm up for the senator’s big appearance on Thursday, August 28th, it really had a more important vibe to it, different that many people — including me — precluded.

Some of the things I noticed included the fact that very few politics were discussed, making the event more about showcasing and introducing Barack Obama, in which Michelle Obama took to her advantage. Throwing out a speech with emphasis on her more personal points about Obama’s history, story, and the hurdles he had to jump to be where he was today. It was a very effective speech that loosened up the previously uptight crowd of delegates to near tears. And not only was the speech powerful, convincing, and persuasive, it also helped out the Obama campaign in a strategic way, too. It in a sense gave the convention, politics, and the Obama campaign a more relatable feel, which both parties are hard-pressed for. Nevertheless, the speech not only may have convinced many would-be non voters or die hard Hillary supporters to punch in Obama’s name on the ballot in the near future, but it really was an attack in itself to the Republicans, proving that Obama had the family and comfort appeal more than they have. Matthew Yglesias may have missed this attack for something literal, as he claimed the only one who really pulled out a true attack was Claire McCaskill.

Nevertheless, this first day has really set the tone for a convention of the ages that well-suits this very different election year. Hearing Barack Obama’s very anticipated speech on Thursday will definitely be something to look forward to.



2 Responses to “Thoughts On the Democratic Convention”

  1. Iran War Says:

    I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.WoodyAllenWoody Allen

  2. weirdgirlphotgraphy Says:

    His wife has no need to discuss politics. That’s Obamas job, he’s the one running for president, she’s there for support as a wife and to pump her man up to try and get you to vote for him. He has spoken very well for himself and no need for her to come up behind him and repeat the same thing. What’s wrong w/people?!

    DIVISION! Such an UGLY thing. Democrat vs. Republican. Poor vs. middle class vs. rich(there is big money in poverty). Black vs. white vs….(you can’t help you were born the way you are) Baptist vs. catholic vs. Muslim vs….(brainwashing camps- all of them)a continuous cycle. They talk as though they want the same things for people, but only one man for the job. NO!!! What is the point of trying to prove your self? trying to convince people you are the best man for the job. Is it really worth all that neg. energy?…Totally going to the left. I don’t care how many wars someone fought in, that doesn’t make you qualified to do shit but fight, i.e give orders…and what the heck is this whole thing of defending our country??? When was it ever in jeopardy???(do the research, trickery). Don’t get me started about 911! Decoy to throw us off track and keep that fear built up in us. Anyway, Check the history on the fed. reserve. They run this country and then there are individuals who are higher than them but no one knows who they are. People in politics are low on the totem pole used to full fill a greater agenda.

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