Can Jerry Steinfeld Save Windows?

August 25, 2008

Although it hasn’t exactly been breaking news that sinking software-God Microsoft has hired America’s favorite family comedian Jerry Steinfeld to promote their previously poorly advertised Vista, the big question still remains: was it really worth it?

Dumping 10 million dollars on a single promoter (in my opinion) was really something that shows the outside world that Windows has a failing operating server, and they know it. If you think about it, Mac didn’t make much noise by hiring lesser-known Actors Justin Long and John Hodgman, and in a sense they really came out of nowhere with that strategy in delivering one of the greatest ad campaigns ever assembled. And in Microsoft’s more high profile recruiting of Jerry Steinfeld, they have really taken another approach. Will it work? It all depends on Steinfeld.

Obviously, the most effective ads have been brought out by the advertising company, but really executed by the actors in the actual ad. And because of that, Microsoft really needs to focus on pumping out a lot of their time on a great supporting cast (if there requires one) and a great director. If that doesn’t fall into place, Microsoft needs to spend their next ten million on a new operating system.



4 Responses to “Can Jerry Steinfeld Save Windows?”

  1. Ordimagic Says:

    I’m rather worried about Jerry. Won’t this campain break irreparably Jerry’s image?

  2. pacer521 Says:

    Not really. Obviously, if Steinfeld can pull this off well, he’ll look like a genius, but he’s Jerry, so everyone will still love him. They all understand — its all for the cash.

    here’s the link of the first site

  3. khurshed Says:

    I dont think anyone can really “save” windows… time for some curtains! 🙂

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