YouNoodle Scares Many Startup Followers — Including Me

August 20, 2008

The business of startup companies is really all about ideas. Who can come up with the most innovative, breakthrough product that the worldwide market will flock over, and who will come up with a brilliant idea, but find out it is too bleeding edge or non-understandable for the world’s eyes. And now — one startup of their own claims to predict that — YouNoodle. 

These guys are all over the web advertising their top secret algorithm, which they claim can predict not only if a startup is successful or not — but their overall fate over a short or long scale. Their sample predictor is getting worldwide buzz, but I’m not so convinced it is a good thing. 

Oxford dropout Bob Goodson, left, claims that his idea can help out our economy crisis by in advance predicting successful companies — but it seems like marketed quicksand to me. First of all, I don’t believe that its possible for a math equation to predict the fate of a company — that’s purely in the mind of the general public itself to decide if it will be useful in their lives.

Second, if proven to work (or somehow convincing to everyone) this idea will be like pulling fruit out of an ecosystem — it will not only be imbalanced, but everyone else will eat each other. If YouNoddle becomes the standard for all startups — then they essentially will decided if they fail or not. The public will believe that whatever they say will come true and that will stop many ideas from coming through. 

They will, in a sense, form a blockade between the office and the world, beta and public, and most importantly, a dud and a bloom. And looking far ahead, if YouNoodle is a proven winner and the public trusts them, they will be able to decide the fate of any new company. YouNoodle would act as a tollbooth that decides whether the company can go on or not. The public, in the end, will not invest if the idea seems good or the CEO is promising — but solely on what YouNoodle says about it. And by then, YouNoodle can just drop their mystery math algorithm and basically hire teams to hand pick companies they like and dump the ones they don’t. They are really dangling the fate of anyone who crosses their path — and I think that’s wrong. Thank goodness the general public has its doubts too.



2 Responses to “YouNoodle Scares Many Startup Followers — Including Me”

  1. Ryan Born Says:

    In my humble opinion, YouNoodle = a great PR company getting placement but the hype should die down when the great NostradamousNoodle will ultimately to fail to accurately predict the future or provide much benefit beyond it’s “cuteness”.

    I’ve got a great algorithm for this space which I like to call “ESP” or “Tarot”. The algorithm costs $1 to play. Here’s how it goes, you ask me if a startup will fail or succeed (no need to supply the name of the company or what they do, just ask) and I will plug it into my algorithm and 100% of the time my algorithm will say “FAIL”. My algorithm is statically proven to be 99% accurate. Any takers?

  2. pacer521 Says:

    hahahah — well that’s the way most start-ups work out, but i have a feeling YouNoodle will have something a little better than that, not that you’re algorithm isn’t “proven” or anything. They do promise to accurately predict the money that they company will make, but as i said I am not falling for everything they say — yet.

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