Obama’s Vice President — A Mystery

August 18, 2008

Senator Barack Obama’s pick for Vice Presidency has been a rare case — swaying everyone’s opinion from your teenage daughter to the head of the New York times. And in a presidential race that is one for the history books from the candidates to the voters, what better time to keep the suspense high? So I guess the questions are who and why — but now its “when?”

Obama has left the country guessing left and right, but this time — the press has nowhere to go. Obama has been in a dark room with six top advisers, which means two things: a well thought out final decision — and no leaks. Although many news segments and articles have been written about possible choices, they have no possible leads and no one to get information to. So in the end, even with their top politics men analyzing anything everything and anything that could be going on in that room, they really don’t have a clue about who Obama will actually pick. It could be anyone from Vladimir Putin to Rihanna, as Paris Hilton put it. 

So with that said, who Obama does pick is not only a very important decision for his long term campaign, but will make a huge point to the public and sadly, race will be a factor. Obama’s best reception publicly as far as race, however, will probably a white male. As Hillary Clinton best put it during one of the primary debates: “there’s me {in other words a woman}, there’s Obama {in other words a black man} and then there’s John.” Referring here to John Edwards, her point was that with Obama and her breaking racial and gender barriers, John Edwards just looked like a stereotypical politician — a rich white male. And at this time in America, that’s what it can come down to — what race or sex you are as opposed to your actual political policies. 

His pick also shows to the more educated Americans what kind of policies he likes and what kind of politician he enjoys working with. He/she pick will show people who he thinks is a true leader and what he thinks his Vice President (lets call him/her “x”) has strengths and weaknesses. And that’s one of the reasons that picking Hilary Clinton would be complete suicide. In the rare case that Obama does pick Clinton as his running mate, he will get pounded by the press and the public. Why? Although Clinton shares many of the same opinions as Obama, she has not only fiercely attacked Obama throughout her campaign and decided to not completely disable her campaign after losing, she has attempted (and mostly failed) to cut Obama down in any possible way, and that mostly doesn’t involve politics. 

So who does this leave as the perfect running mate. In my case, John Edwards — but it would take more than just a flawless PR stunt to get his personal problems out of the way. And although what he did was horrible, I think he would be the perfect “x” for Obama — a publicly nice, white male that doubles as a great politician. Plus, he hasn’t gotten on anyone’s nerves yet. But since he is most definitely done (in the rare occasion he comes back it will be years), Obama is digging deep into his list of possible running mates, and the world will keep guessing.

So with no clues, the last thing to guess would be from a tactical point of view. During John F. Kennedy’s campaign, he chose (under great controversy) Lyndon Johnson, who wasn’t exactly his biggest fan or vice versa. One of the bigger reasons of choosing him was because JFK was not very popular in the South — and in the end — Johnson was. Obama could use this tactic for his advantage in his long struggle to steal some (bright) red states. Although it probably wouldn’t be in Obama’s best interest to shoot for Mike Gravel as VP, it would be almost monumental for the general elections to find someone with good connections to the midwest, preferably Ohio, who as we know literately picks the eventual president. So who has connections there? Well, there’s Ted Strickland…and not much else. As far as Ohio their aren’t many people over in the first door on the left, and Ted Strickland as governor is the best bet for Obama there.

But no news of anything in that category has popped up, we really have no leads in any direction. And with the democratic convention coming up, all we can guess all we want but — unless some sort of leak or lead surfaces — we’ll just have to wait and see. 



5 Responses to “Obama’s Vice President — A Mystery”

  1. vigilante Says:

    Wes Clark! This is exactly what I have been saying, beginning 10 May and again on 6 June, on 30 June, on 3 August, on 6 August, on 13 August and finally here! It’s not rocket science or neurosurgery. It’s smart, tough politics. Clark is a truth-teller. So tell me how he doesn’t fit in Change You Can Believe In?

  2. pacer521 Says:

    yeah, it does work. He is the right guy for him in terms of politics and sadly (since it has come to this) race. He does fit, but I still think it would be a miracle if he was picked by Obama.


  3. theinvictus Says:

    Hey, thanks for commenting on my site. I like the article that you have written, and I agree that prior to the revelations regarding John Edwards’ personal issues, he would have been an ideal VP candidate. Unfortunately now that he is out, its a virtual crap shoot. While Biden apparently is the new favorite, from a strategic standpoint he doesn’t make a lot of sense because he is a northern democrat with a proud tradition of sticking his foot in his mouth.

    I agree that Ohio essentially decides the election, so the ideal VP I guess is probably still Dick Gephardt. I maintain that if either of the last Democratic candidates had picked Gephardt as their VP, they would have won. Gephardt strong union connections essentially guarantee victories in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and there’s a good shot he’ll also translate into a win in his home state of Missouri.

  4. pacer521 Says:

    very good observations. As you said, the bigger job of the running make is to be someone who can help out in the elections so he/she can get votes in places that the candidate probably can’t. Thanks for commenting


  5. sauerkraut Says:

    The office pool among various Obama field offices still has Bill Richardson in the lead. Hillary is out as is Edwards. Gephardt? Hardly.

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