Is John Edwards Finished? Let’s let the Press Decide

August 9, 2008

In politics, anything can happen, but it relies on the press to take it as far as they want it. John Edwards has certainly caused a national stir after admitting an affair to filmmaker Rielle Hunter, 42, but is it really in our hands to decide his political fate?  The press was certainly responsible for other downfalls of presidential hopefuls, including presidents themselves, and this is no exception. So what is going to happen?

In my opinion a blow like this could send him either to Kansas or Washington DC. If Barack Obama has any brains in his head, he’ll think long and hard about the possibility of giving Edwards a campaign spot. Not that he wouldn’t make good decisions, but it could be political suicide — especially during the aftermath of the Reverent Wright bonanza. The press could eat both of them up, and unless Obama has some sort of master escape route, then this could be a decision that won’t favor Edwards. So I say that his role in this presidential outing is looking pretty grim. 

But then again, things could make turn for the better. The press seems not to remember that John McCain, after spending years in captivity during the Vietnam War, blew off his old wife (who by the way was waiting the entire time for him) so he could run off with Cindy McCain, his current one. At that time he wasn’t campaigning, so it was the perfect time for him to do something like that. And now that “the first door on the right” media seems to adore McCain, they just regard it officially as old news. This was a dodged bullet for McCain and he hasn’t been pestered by it ever since. 

So could Edwards pull off a McCain and get by it? Sadly, I don’t think so. Although the left wing did like him, he still has this chip on his shoulder that no one can ignore. So there are two things he could do. First, he could wait it out, staying away from the media but when forced to comment on his affair, apologizing for it as he has done. This way he can get off the grid, and look at his chances furthermore. And anything can happen during that time. The luckiest he could get would be if the conservatives got some huge dirt on Obama and leaked. That way he could try to hitch a ride on Hillary’s back, where he has more chances. 

The best thing to do for him, in my opinion would be to try to pull a Bill Clinton. No, I’m not calling for him to deny the whole thing but to hold periodic press conferences and apologize profusely, doing everything from bringing in his wife to publicly slapping the girl he cheated on. The press would love it, and if everyone falls for it, he could bounce back. 

The one thing he shouldn’t do would be pointing out what McCain did back in Vietnam. It would first give the press an outlet to shove this whole thing back in his face, saying he’s desperate and doesn’t want to apologize like a third grader after stealing someone’s toys. Although what McCain did was worse, this would be like signing his will and walking the plank. So that’s what I think about this whole thing, hope you guys have some other ideas as well as opinions of you own.


14 Responses to “Is John Edwards Finished? Let’s let the Press Decide”

  1. mesmermedia Says:

    I actually blogged about a very closely related topic this am yesterday afternoon.
    The media declares a pol dead after getting busted ….just like Larry Craig couldn’t possibly survive or Bill Clinton…or Newt Gingrich or McCain or or or
    I have no idea whether John Edwards wants to slog through the process of rebuilding his tattered reputation.
    But there are plenty of second acts in the USA

  2. pacer521 Says:

    great points, can I have that link? There are plenty second acts here….

    thanks for the comment

  3. Sly Says:

    So, Elizabeth Edwards knew about her husband’s sexual affair with Rielle Hunter in 2006 and fully supported his run for the White House ??? Is she nuts?? No wonder the media tried to cover up John Edwards’ affair. Exposing John’s romp makes his wife look just as stupid as him.

    John really blew. He should have claimed the baby was his from artificial insemination and the Rielle was a paid surrogate. When Rielle refused to give up the child, John wanted to talk to her alone. Elizabeth could have claimed full knowledge.

  4. pacer521 Says:

    While that’s true, I think the Edwards family had their dinner-table shouting match and got beyond this way before the press got a hold of the rumors in 2006. And because of that, they tried to keep it in the family for the sake of John’s presidential run. If Edwards is now still ok with it I do not know or frankly care, its their business. I don’t know why John ended up going public — maybe it was PR. thanks for the comment

  5. mesmermedia Says:

    fyi…my link is (look for the Anderson Cooper pundit post)

    and don’t get me wrong. A lot of these second acts make me ill.
    All I’m saying is that the media pundit class has been so wrong so often that one should pay little attention to their beliefs
    Remember, Obama isn’t even running, he’s just promoting a book.
    Or, John McCain’s campaign has no money. He’s finished.

    As to why edwards went public. probably because to have any hope for either of them in the public eye in the future, he had to eventually. also…i’m sure the Enquirer’s hounding plus the fact that local NC papers had gotten on to it finally had some effect.

  6. pacer521 Says:


    sorry, but your link does work…about why John Edwards went public — you think he should have instead of keeping it a secret? I think he could have kept it in him long enough for the press to forget…you might want to check out my article good press, bad press about the National Enquirer.


  7. mesmermedia Says:

    oops sorry…too early in the am.

  8. mesmermedia Says:

    back to Edwards.
    Yes…I think there was virtually zero chance the media was going to ‘forget’ the North Carolina papers have recently been going after this pretty hard. It was coming out in “real” media and I think he knew that very well. But there were increasing signs apparently that the woman involved was not too happy with the situation. So I think they made a calculation and went public.

  9. pacer521 Says:


    hahaha…I’m not a morning person either. Great blog, I loved every bit of your pundit article, brilliant points there. It seems like you know a PR stunt when you see it. I can now see your points, and I’ll continue checking out your blog for more great points and press articles. Now that I study it, Edwards made a good caculation — if he kept denying it like before he would be 100% done, for sure.

    thanks for everything

  10. I think it’s unfortunate, not necessarily sad, that we keep up with the private lives of politicians.

    I realize that many people extrapolate a politician’s values from these kind of events but I still think it’s unfortunate that politics continues to degrade into a “look what I found on this guy” game. The moralizing really irritates me because everyone has at least a femur in their closet — if not a full skeleton.

    The posturing of Edwards to try to deflect criticism is kind of a reverse pychology on said game. And even though Edwards doesn’t point the finger at McCain, it’s clear that it’s a calculated move.

  11. pacer521 Says:


    Well…although it is unfortunate, that’s just the way politics are — a dog eat dog world. And thats how we have come to follow it, too. But the thing is — just when you think the media needs to lay off once and for all, they do something great like the Enquirer did — they followed the story brilliantly. And in the end, everyone thinks they will do a great job in office and the media will somehow love them once they get there. The road to office, however, is a battlefield itself.

    thanks for the insight and great politics. Great blog you have yourself — I’m not sure I agree with everything but then again that’s what blogging is for.


  12. K-man Says:

    Thanks, I like yours as well.

    Goodness, I wouldn’t want everyone to agree with me; I like kicking ideas around and that’s why I started the thing. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. pacer521 Says:

    your welcome. Good luck with your blog

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