Hit and Miss: The Perils Of Earning Visits on Your Blog

August 8, 2008

What do you really want out of your blog? Most people would say the magic word — hits. But what are really hits? There are hundreds of websites that offer you free hits as long as you sign up, and thousands of people flock to them in hope that they will double and triple their stats. And most people will. But what shows up on your hit counter and what your visitors actually see is much different. You’ve always thought of your visitors being people who somehow found your blog, bookmarked it, and check up on it a couple times a week. Many blogs have only three or four of those people. And the rest?

In truth, the rest are people trying to earn blog hits as well. You may sign up to sites like BlogExplosion, where to get hits, you are forced to look at other people’s blogs for thirty seconds. 99% of people won’t lift an eyelid to any of the sites, all they will be looking at is the button they press to get to the next one. And when you pay off all your credits from surfing, your site goes to those pages, and people most likely won’t read a word you write. It will show up as a hit on your stats, but that hit means virtually nothing. 

My point here? In my quest for blogging, I want hits too. But my definition for a hit is something more different than the dictionary may claim. I want people to actually read my work, like you are doing today. And I have gotten many of those kind of visits. How? By participating in other blogs. Not just commenting with “good post”, and then leaving a link, but actually reading their article, and telling them what I think about it. This is something a lot of bloggers don’t do, and for obvious reasons. They only care about nourishing their own blog, when the truth is that no one will read it. Its a simple give and take, and it is widely misused. 

There are many things that participating in other blogs can do for you, and that’s why I think they are the key for getting a popular blog that many people will enjoy.


15 Responses to “Hit and Miss: The Perils Of Earning Visits on Your Blog”

  1. Most of my hits have come from leaving comments on other blogs. You never know where it might lead, like you listing me as one of your favorite blogs (I still think that’s overly generous of you). And being fairly new to this, reading a bunch of other blogs gave me some ideas about how to approach everything, as well as a chance to meet new people.

  2. pacer521 Says:

    yeah, that’s a way many famous bloggers strike it rich — through connections from other blogs.

  3. Jess Says:

    Heehee – I found your blog through Blog Explosion. And I wholeheartedly agree with you. I use Blog Explosion as a way to surf random blogs, not for hits. That was never my intention when I started a blog either; hell, I only signed up for Google ads to see what kinda funny ads would be related to the crap that I blog. Anyways, Good Post!

  4. Very good topic and points! I have gotten most of my repeat hits…and comments…from posting on other people’s blogs. On rare occasions I get a comment from sites that are similar to blogexplosion – but like you said it is very, very rare.

  5. pacer521 Says:

    a rarity for sure — and thats why a new guy to the blogsphere who is starving for hits will be satisfied after hundreds of people seem to be flocking to their site. It is until someone informs him about something like this article that he will understand or strive for my kind of hits that I talked about in the article. Thanks for all the great feedback, guys


  6. How true. How true.

    Some of us do read though.

  7. pacer521 Says:

    Yes, some of us do. I actually use blog explosion every day — I can surf random blogs of all platforms and look for good material to comment on. Yes, in return I get visits, but hopefully one out of every 20 of those visits from blogexplosion I get will be someone reading my work. So blogexplosion helps me a lot. Just not in the normal way.


  8. Julien Says:

    I didn’t know blogexplosion. That being said, but like you it’s not the kind of hits I’m looking for.
    I think the best way to get some hits is to write good articles (makes sense!), and to choose an appropriate title, so that you can be easily visible on Google or other search engines.

  9. supermom Says:

    Oh my goodness. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. What’s the point? I’d rather have hits of people actually READING my blog. Just weird!

  10. pacer521 Says:


    Yeah — it sucks, but its true. I suggest using it, though, because it is a great way to be introduced to other blogs outside of WordPress that might be good or worth commenting or starting a discussion on. And of course in return you get hits, but maybe only one out of 20 of those hits are “real”. But at least its someone. It takes a lot of your time though… its really for someone like me who is new to the blogospere and is trying to learn the ropes and find some great blogs. Other than that I must say its a sam.


  11. pacer521 Says:

    sorry i said its a SCAM! Its late…

  12. C Says:

    Excellent article and great points. Thanks for the tips and the response.

  13. pacer521 Says:

    well thanks for reading, c. Glad you got some pointers from the article, I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from this article. Thanks for the visit


  14. prasad Says:

    good article for starter like me.Now i know that there is so much to do.thank u

  15. pacer521 Says:


    glad I could help and thanks for the comment. I checked out your blog (really, really cool design and great place for the ads) and since you have a tech and computer type, I may have a slightly different advice for you as far as hits. I think you should try to advertise your blog on type of websites that may have people that may have problems. A great idea would be putting you blog link on a mac or windows forum, or trying to hunt down people with computer problems that you can help. This way you will be able to steal long term-hits and visitors.


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