My Favorite Chase of All Time

August 3, 2008


Of all the chases that have ever taken place, which one has been the best, the most exciting, the most gripping? Was it the ski chase in Her Majesty’s Secret Service? Was an old chase? Perhaps the numerous ones in “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World?”  Was it a new chase? Perhaps something in a Die Hard — before Bruce Willis lost his hair. Was it something in the sky? On the road? In the snow? On foot? Maybe when my two dogs chasing around my house? But no, this chase is probably something you don’t have in mind, but if your old enough, you probably remember. Not calling anyone old here. Yes, this chase is an instant classic, it got my adrenaline pumping even as I watched it on Youtube.


            So in honor of the extremely fast cars here in Uruguay, I present to you…the greatest chase ever, by perhaps the greatest driver ever: starring OJ Simpson’s Ford Bronco vs. the police. This chase reminded me deeply of the Tour De France, where people line up on the side of the road and run next to the bikes. Well, it was sort of the same case here. I don’t know what kind of Jungle Juice OJ put in his Bronco, but let me say, my pet rock wasn’t impressed. (Maybe Olive oil?) Its not OJ’s fault – he was really hitting the gas, but with all his money, maybe he could put more than 10 horsepower in his golf cart. I bet the entire exertive board of Ford Motors was screaming: “FLOOR IT, JUICE!” That day must have been disappointing for them to see OJ’s Bronco and the Ford police cars all doing an exciting 20 miles per hour. But aside from the part when the chase witnesses (all 500 of them) shouted: “Don’t squeeze the juice!” my favorite part of the chase was when (if you look closely) the people on the side of the freeways were starting snail races when the cars came up next to them. Man, that thing was suspenseful, and it will always win my heart for the best chase ever. Heck, they should make a movie about it and throw in Mr. T as OJ. That way he could ad a new dimension to the chase by periodically screaming “you can’t touch this FOOL” to the police.



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