August 2, 2008

–Response to comment on “Stat du Jour”  posted by Jennifer, Boston Globe Online, August 1st —

Arrogance and rudeness is somewhat of a plague in all of us, whenever it is using your cell phone in public or acting as if more important than everyone else. As a 13 year old boy (yes, a boy, Jennifer) I can’t speak in behalf of all the other kids my age, for I am but a nerd in school. Yes, I own a cell phone, but I don’t obsess over it like a Crackberry the whole day. What a concept. Nor can I pretend that I am not sarcastic, because obviously, if I wasn’t, all traces of me being funny would surely collapse.

Now with that said, teenagers are stupid, arrogant, and sarcastic. That’s just the way we are. I have only had the pleasure of being a teen for three months, and I am just naturally more stubborn. But, I’d like to think I have a brain in my head, so I try as much as I can to be as respectful as I can to everyone I meet, from my dog to the flight attendants. But as I am not a spokesperson for teens around the nation, I can’t apologize for all the destruction we’ve caused. I bet the generation before us had its moments of stupidity. Its not like this new generation has been the only misbehaving one our Earth has ever seen. Yes, one may take this as a cry for mercy, and it is. We’ve been bad, we know it, but I can’t fix it. I am a blogger just like the rest of us, to put my voice out to the world. There’s not many other teens who try to write about this stuff, and that’s why some people are bailing out on me. I wrote that texting article because I thought I could put a play on something I thought was funny, and I’m proud of it. If anyone has read any of my other articles, you can notice that I write about a lot of more qualified stuff than texting. I think Robin Abrahams, who published my texting story, thought it was funny to have a 13 year old’s skit on texting. So did I, and so did many of the readers. So if you want to see drugs and violence and vent about how stupid we teens are, just look at Youtube, Facebook, and Myspace. Just because I am the one of the only teens on the web who isn’t talking about how boozed up I got at the club last night doesn’t mean its my fault that people are doing it. But no, I am not backing away from this. I can be arrogant, cranky, and stubborn at times. Just ask my mom. But I am not the face of all teens. 

Now back to the topic, which is what I would like to talk about too. I am sitting in the Santiago International Airport, (for those who failed Geography, its in Chile) and I am amazed by the amount of arrogance fellow American passengers have given to the Chilean airport staff, (which is also explained in this article.) Here we are, thousands of miles away from America, and as soon as we step off the plane, other we treat this place like a spa. We throw down our trash to the ground, leaving it for the staff to pick up. We are disgusted that no one speaks English here, and act cranky towards everyone who isn’t American. The Boston Globe article commented on how we need to be less kind to ourselves and more kind to others, which is totally spot on. Forget that we are Americans, forget they are Chilean. Maybe they don’t have a country as powerful as we do. Maybe they don’t have a thriving business. But they are humans too, and they are awake at 3 A.M. their time to help you, who has just gotten off of a first class 747. Yes, they are getting paid to serve you, but if you spent a day in their shoes, things would be different. You would snap back at the Americans for not being kind to you. Your credibility means nothing here, everyone is created equal, and that’s the way it should be. So my proposal is that Americans be respectful to others, especially when somewhere foreign. We should drop our egos, and observe our surroundings, think and make wise decisions so we don’t show our arrogance to foreigners. They may return the favor. God I sound like Ghandi. 


4 Responses to “Arrogance”

  1. Eric Lee Says:

    Hello. I was reading someone elses blog and saw you on their blogroll. Would you be interested in exchanging blog roll links? If so, feel free to email me.


  2. A.E. Says:

    I saw the comment–it’s just a hit and run type thing. You will have to get used to it, unfortunately. That’s just nature of the Internet–people think they are anonymous and type whatever they want. Take the ones with a fair criticism seriously, but you have no obligation to acknowledge the kind of mean-spirited attack that this Jennifer character posted.

  3. pacer521 Says:

    Yeah i think its good that it can be duked out by blog, maybe she’ll read this.


  4. Obviously Jennifer didn’t look at your blog, because that post was one of your most humorous. If she read some of your responses to reader comments, she’d see your about as respectful as it gets. But you’ll probably have to get used to these things from time to time- especially on the Internet, anonymity breeds contempt.

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