Is Speedo Cheating?

July 27, 2008

With the new launch of Speedo’s LZR racer swimsuit, a proven formula to stop skin flab and reduce friction while racing, one must wonder if something like this should be legal. Sports purists would probably agree, claiming that swimming was the individual body’s work, and any help to reduce the body’s natural speed flaws while moving in the water would be the equivalent to doping. Plus, the team speedo will only be available to team USA, so you can imagine how the rest of the world feels about it. The suit, rigorously tested by nasa, is “virtually guaranteed” to break a wold record next month in Beijing — says Speedo, and the world will certainly be watching. Tell me what you think about this below.


3 Responses to “Is Speedo Cheating?”

  1. sorrentolens Says:

    Yes, i believe it maximizes performance. As a swim garment – if the USA uses it, then all the other contestants should have the option of using it.

  2. It was pretty crazy watching all the records set at the Olympic trials. While the uniforms are perfectly legal, it kind of feels like it isn’t really in the spirit of the sport, like they’re getting some mechanical advantage from the suit.

  3. pacer521 Says:

    Yeah thats what I think too. I would call it tech doping


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