Mobile-Me Mayhem

July 18, 2008

As a die-hard Mac user and bleeding edge software enthusiast, you might have expected me to jump for joy after my .mac account was automatically updated to the Mac’s new push software called mobile-me (if you’re a Windows user, just Google it). But instead, I was enraged. First off all, it’s app logo looks like a 1st grader drew it,  but more importantly, I have absolutely no use for it. As an outdoorsy kind of guy (I spend most of my weekends in the snow), I have no use for the new 3G, which would die within 3 days of my clumsy lifestyle. So my phone is what I like to call a Razr (if that’s how the folks over at Motorola like to call it) on steroids. It has the same interface as the Razr but it is coated with at least an inch or two of armor. It is the fattest phone I have ever seen, but I love it. Anyways, I just hate how apple just assumes all of their users are semi-rich 30 year-olds (at least), and signs them up for stuff that requires them buying the iPhone. But the worst part about Apple’s new creation is that if you aren’t signed up for it (and paying a hefty $99 a year), you can’t connect to other .mac sites, including yours. I haven’t been able to see any of my Apple friend’s web sites (including this good one) , which really is a shame. Finally, you can get this push email software for free with a lot of other companies that (sorry Mac) can do it better. Even if this mobile-me thing is actually helpful, (which many people have tried to convince me that it is) I would LOVE if the next time Apple asks you if you want it or not. Sheesh. 

4 Responses to “Mobile-Me Mayhem”

  1. nfern Says:

    I am in complete agreement. Sure I would love to have an Iphone but that is not an option. I am not happy that Apple has taken away features that were part of having a .mac account. I don’t have any need for the push features and would of preferred to stick with my .mac account. It is what I paid for not for mobile me.

  2. pacer521 Says:

    Thanks for the comment, nfern, its always welcome here.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Agreed. I miss iCards. :(. . and iDisk, and I can’t find the features i liked that were on .mac, like free software and easy iDisk access. I have no need for push features either. Since I barely use my cell phone, we pay $100/yr for a prepaid phone and that’s it, so I have no use for an iPhone. It’s too expensive even though I would love one. Heck. . i used to work for Apple and I’m kind of dissapointed.

  4. pacer521 Says:


    Thanks for the comment, I made this post just out of frustration, and I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from mac users (and in this case former employees). Hopefully someone from Mac has seen this article and maybe they will at least put my point into thought. Well, its just a thought 🙂

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