Are Hybrids Bad?

July 15, 2008

Although your Prius may get 40 miles per gallon, some say it is pulling us in the wrong direction. Even though petrol-electric cars may visit the gas tank less often, they still need the fossil fuels that all other cars use, which contributes to global warming. And because of this new Prius frenzy, car companies like Toyota are investing millions more on making and upgrading their line of hybrid cars and less money on trying to invent new alternative ideas to gas. That point was attempted to be made recently by French researchers that suggested instead of buying a Prius or some other hybrid, you should buy a carbon credit for the same amount of money and help clean up a factory that is emitting 10 times the amount of carbon dioxide that you are saving with a hybrid. They also pointed out that creating the complex battery that makes a hybrid a hybird creates a lot of pollution and carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. Although some of the study I don’t agree with, it surely is something to ponder. Here is the link: (click here).


3 Responses to “Are Hybrids Bad?”

  1. xichibi Says:

    Hybrids aren’t perfect, but they’re pretty decent. Contrary to them impeding the development of ‘greener’ vehicles, the success of Prius has made Toyota’s competitors ‘greener,’ and many of the major car companies, including Toyota, are working on either fully electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. So hybrids such as the Prius have served to stimulate the idea of being ‘green’ for vehicles in general, along with cutting down on emissions themselves.

    The Science Fiction Channel + Technorium.

  2. pacer521 Says:

    Thats true, it is a great idea but I do agree that there are better alternates that we are turning a blind eye on too.

    Thanks for the comment,

  3. Check how much pollution is created making the fuel cell for those cars. Those engines are also mdae in Americaa for toyota, american engineered.

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