Why the 64 is the Best Ever

July 12, 2008

In a new age gaming universe that keeps one-upping itself with crystal clear graphics, innovative platforms, and responsive controls, video games are in their most technological stage we’ve seen, with your average teen bragging to a friend over the web while playing them in a heated Halo or Call of Duty battle. But with these new features and enticing technologies, forgetting the games we grew up with is an easy task. So I look back at what I feel was the greatest era when it boiled down on the games themselves, and what platform really drove it. In the late 90’s (I think it was ’97) the Nintendo 64 was released, with some of the most classic games ever made to follow, including but not limited to, Starfox, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64, the original (and I feel the best) Super Smash Brothers, Perfect Dark, Vigilante 8 (my favorite), Mario Cart 64, and the original Mario Party. On the flipside, the 64’s main competitor, Sega Saturn, was the producer of the cherished Sonic games, but the platform itself failed to provide enough depth to compete with the 64 and fell into the shadows, gradually disappearing from the face of gaming. On January 24, 2001, they stopped making platforms and began on software development for other consoles, including the Playstation 3, which they make a small number of games for including the Hulk and Iron Man movie games. But Nintendo never took its eye off the ball, recently creating the Wii, an innovative console that’s wireless controllers double as everything from guns to golf clubs. The primary competitor to the Playstation 3, Nintendo has again clashed with Sega, and it looks like its winning again.


5 Responses to “Why the 64 is the Best Ever”

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  2. Except for the fact Sega makes games for Nintendo systems as well. And the fact that they even develop Nintendo’s games sometimes, like F-Zero GX for the GameCube. Sega is not clashing with Nintendo. It has exited the hardware business and has no reason to.

    The Sega Saturn didn’t fail for “lack of depth.” Tech-wise it was superior. But Sega had already placed a pocket drain on its fan base with the SegaCD and 32X add-ons for Genesis. Throw in a platform that was difficult to program for and a dearth of games available upon release, and you have one dead system as most people fled to PS1. By the time the Dreamcast came along, Sega had already ruined its reputation beyond reconciliation. Which was too bad — the DC was an awesome system for the time.

    As for the N64 being the greatest ever, consider that for all the great games available for it there were tons more on PS1. The N64 was the bringer of Nintendo’s downfall. They stuck with carts, pricing themselves out of consumers’ and developers’ favor. When they got a decent gaming system with optical discs, they missed the online boat.

    I love the N64, and have one hooked up right now. I just wouldn’t call the N64 the greatest system ever.

  3. Greatest ever is a bold statement, but I have to admit the N64 had a better library than I have given it credit for. I also have one hooked up right now:)

    Great blog!

  4. pacer521 Says:

    thanks for the comments — I guess I say this because I’ve used it for quite a while.

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