Movie Review: Hancock

July 12, 2008

In this summer of Hollywood blockbusters, good plots are definitely scarce, and after going through years of painful chick flicks, awful sequels and trilogies (Fantastic Four 3 was the only movie I have ever walked out on) a picture like Hancock would be something I would run away from like a book report. But after being pleasantly surprised by Iron Man, I decided to take a chance and see it. From the start, I never had any expectations for it, and that was good. It was a popcorn movie, meaning it was good enough to entertain, but not great for much else. Yes, it did have a great plot twist that saved it from its inevitable 1 stars, but after that, it went steep downhill. This was obviously one of Will Smith’s worst movies, but it was worth watching for the average movie enthusiast who just wants a good time. Why so harsh? Well, when it comes to special effects-dominated superhero movies, Hancock is similar to Transformers in style: it highly relies on its action to carry the audience, not its plot. So if you are looking for a great storyline that keeps you guessing…you’re better off seeing Happy Feet.


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